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The beanie is a hat that has a true function in keeping your head warm when the temperature is cold, but it can certainly make a bold fashion statement as well. In this article we will give you an overview of this popular fashion accessory—there is probably more to know about beanies than you may have realized!

The beanie has been known by many different names, including ski hat, stocking cap, knit hat, sock hat, tassel cap, “burglar beanie,” wooly hat, toboggan, skull cap, Toque, and snookie. These names give some idea about various historical uses of the beanie. These days the beanie has become an important fashion accessory, and many well-known designers have a line in beanies. Among well-known designer brands today, we would certainly include Armani, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few.

Is the beanie just a cold-weather accessory? Not necessarily, as many people like to wear beanies when the temperatures are a little warmer. In fact, wearing a beanie in an in-between temperature may allow you to go a little lighter with the other clothes you are wearing.

How should you wear your beanie? For maximum warmth, you’ll want the beanie to cover as much of your head as possible. Otherwise, in less extreme times of cold, and for a more fashionable look, wear the beanie so that the edge is located where your hairline meets your forehead. Pull it back so that you can see a little bit of your hair, using a double roll. That’s the Sylvester Stallone look. A single roll (single cuff) is possible as well. The size of your face is something to consider, as those with longer faces may want to pull the beanie down farther on the face. A very casual look is to wear the beanie with no roll at all—this is more of a hipster look. A single or double roll will keep the fabric closer to your head, adding to your comfort level in colder weather.

Another look is the so-called “Faux-dora” style, in which only one side of the beanie is rolled up. Think Robin Hood! Finally, the “Straight Up” look is when you wear your beanie without any rolls and with the tip pointing straight up. Ultimately, you can decide for yourself what’s most comfortable and which look you like the best.

Depending on your hair style, you may wish to use a wax-based hair product so that your hair style stays in place better under a hat (a gel or hair spray won’t work as well). Of course, a shaved or buzz look will present no problems with hair being messed up by a hat.

Beanies come in a variety of materials, ranging from cotton to polyester to wool to cashmere. Our recommendation of the Sofia Cashmere Women’s beanie is due in part to the comfort and breathability of the cashmere.

There is no question that the beanie is a highly versatile accessory to your clothing. With many products to choose from in the designer beanie genre, you can be sure to be very fashionable!

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